2016 List: Films

Even though I watched more films in 2016 compared to 2015, I also managed to go to the theater a whole lot more. That is a testament to the quality of productions that were available to me. I don’t go to the cinema just to see whatever is playing, I am selective with how I choose to spend my time and money, so if a film is playing that was created by those that I respect, I will go out of my way to experience it the way it was intended. It is easy to just pick something off any of the multitude of streaming services and have it be just another thing you do to pass the time, but as a student of the art form, I need to be completely immersed and removed from distractions to truly appreciate the work.

This list represents my most memorable cinematic experiences of 2016, ones which embody the reasons as to why I go to the movies when so many other options are available.

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2015 List: Films

Although I have seen far less in 2015 than in the previous year, I somehow was able to see two more films in the theater than in 2014. And unlike the prior year, I paid for nearly all of my excursions. With the average ticket price (at least locally) being around $11, I have spent at least $700 on movie admissions in 2015. That’s not counting all the times I paid for my friends. And based on some of the films I have seen in a darkened theater, I would not exactly call it money well spent. But it is in an investment and like all learning experiences you can never know how the teachings will pay off. Continue reading

2014 List: Films

In a year where I’ve seen close to 70 pictures in theaters and over 300 feature length productions through various forms, it becomes a bit difficult to find standout memories of things I have experienced. Personally, films are something I speak about with excitement, awe and reverence. A passion of mine. Whenever possible, I see as many pictures as I am interested in seeing in the way the filmmaker intended–on the biggest screen possible. Below are my favorite cinematic experiences of 2014.  Continue reading

The Shrewdness of Apes

Well here we are yet again. Back at the beginning or near an end. Who really knows. The scourge of indifference has persisted for too long. And yet it is perfect for me. It keeps me safe. Survival is necessary in this wild jungle. What is coming next is really exciting and I intend on seeing everything that is shown. Maybe that explains why I watch so many films. Good ones mainly, although I make a small concerted effort to check out a few atrocious ones as well. Balance is harmony after all. Continue reading

So Funny I Forgot to Live

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Gary Burns had been laughing his whole life, he tried making people laugh with him but no one ever found humor in anything he said, did or thought. There were a few times he got a chuckle or a slight smile but these were always given out of pity. Gary gave up his childhood dream of being a comedian and instead became an accountant for the government, the most humorless position anyone could ever have.

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Fading Sunsets

The pictures tell a different story
It was the past that was never ours
In a dream that we wrote in the stars
Sometimes when I close my eyes it is true
But then reality takes over and I am here
Alone in a prison without a bed to share

Nothing about this place makes sense
Maybe that is why you are there
Light of my life, dream of my nightmares
I hate your face and I never wished this pain
But thanks for the memories of the gorgeous rains
The fading sunsets of my future that will never be the same


Time is irrelevant at a quarter til three in the morning. While sitting on my porcelain throne, I must have spent a decade staring at the clock on the wall, waiting for it to turn. It just stayed still, mocking me like a turd afraid to come out. There was little I could do about the stoppage, I had my own business to attend. But I would be certain that I would not let that insignificant little shit bother anyone ever again.

The Revisionist Best Picture Ballot

Since 1962, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has been sending me a ballot. Clearly a well-intentioned clerical error on their part, I have been voting on the Best Picture Oscar for the past fifty-one years. My picks don’t always win the top award, but when they do, I get a nice piece of expensive designer chocolate along with a well-written note of appreciation from the producers. Below are my picks for all of the years I have been submitting a ballot. Continue reading